Tuesday, December 26, 2006

numero uno!!

Am ribbon cutting my way to my blog posts!!
I was rattling my brains on what i should start on..n then it stuck me!! why not talk bout my coll life?? Met my coll friends today..brings a naustalgia of my coll days in bangalore..that carefree life where i was so determined on bunking classes and rebelling college!Some lecturers were great in their own ways of entertaininent!Be it paddu mam wit her kan-mil english lingo or GS mam wit her cyclical raise n fall in her voice or sweet sunanda mam who staunchly believes that corruption is the root cause for the current Indian economic situation! my friends n i 've slept through the classes for eternity,hogged like we 've been starving for five days,played pranks on guys and gals,passing chits,smsing,answering phone calls "ssssssshhhhhh am in class right now,'ll call u later" wow!!! times v'e changed..most of my friends are working!!they all talk about their crazy shifts,customers,sales,raises,deadlines,R n R,office parties!!hm..i gotta catch up wit the lingo!doing ur post graduation doesn really help in adding new lingos onto ur dictionary!!its still the same story with me!! late to class as usual,muddle things up,bring the wrong books,forget calculators!! gosh!! the same sloppy,dis organised me!!well..but a realisation stuck me like a huge thunderbolt! n this calls for a complete constitutional change in my behaviour!like attending classes regularly : something i've practically lost touch upon! but i've a long way to go and am already catching up! like they say 'old habits die hard' the mystery still remains to be unfolded on how things progress in future!! i only hope 'the best is yet to come'

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