Friday, April 18, 2008


Have you ever come across strange incidences that leaves u completely bewildered?? Something out of the blue that drives u up the wall? Like the more u ponder over it, the more bizzairre it gets ;and the more perplexed u become!

Hear me out..

Historical encounters suggests that I can now affirm myself that my sandles(specially the left footed one) don seem to stay with me for a long time..they drift away..leaving me lost for words and of course sandles! Thats what I am destined for!

The first instance was at the beach. I removed my floaters by the side and happily went into the sea only to get back and realise that my left foot floater is missing! After a host of investigation and interrogation, I realised that it was not a practical joke. My floater is lost...Period. Who'll be foolish enough to flick just a left legged floater?? The mystery behind missing floater was quite a conundrum! Now I dont need Famous Five or Nancy Drew to slove this detective case but a simple logical course of actions that suggests that the floater must be lurking right there somewhere in the dark.....but it was'nt! There wasnt any stray dogs creeping around nor any suspicious looking left-legged criminal!! How can a left legged floater vanish into thin air abandoning me and my right legged floater in a dark, malicious, uncaring world? The whole wide sea seemed to empathise our misery and splashed some mighty waves around. What did we do?? Regretfully I had to bid adieu to my right legged floater in the nearest bin. I had to summon a lot of strength to perform this henious act of just throwing away my floater..but then again..I was helpless,wasnt I? I was floater-less henceforth!

Weeks rolled on after that till one fine day when I decide to buy sandles again. I gleefully get back with my new pair ready to display proudly in front of my friends..Not so fast!! Here lies the catch..I can see only one sandle..the right legged one! Where's the other one? This time it was sheer ill luck. The cover that had my sandles had given off that led to my sandles slipping off somewhere on my way back. I was baffled! What did I ever do? I was all excited to try them out; Lo and Behold!! Its the left sandle that left me! My right one is pairless and single again.

What is the rationale behind the perils of my disappearing left legged foot wear?

I have enough and more reasons from the past to reaffirm that my left leg is jinxed. I've an ankle problem that has outlived some of the Ekta Kapoor's mega serials!Yeah....that long!

The curse has now resurfaced in another form and is depriving my left leg of its legitimate,protective sole! Is there anybody out there who knows black magic or Voodoo magic that can ward off the curse of my poor lil left leg?? Help me!

Pssst: The pic shows my right footed sandle crying out loud for its better half..the one that 'left' him! Can u not notice that pout on his face?? Help him!


Rasika Raghavan said...

guess its true what they say...the gods have a weird sense of humour!

Maverick said...

hey do u realize that both ure floater and sandle were of blue colour...(i think i am right abt the colour)...well nxt time u buy a pair of footwear u knw wat colour to avoid...that can be a starting point of finding wats goin behind the scene...all the best!!!

ps: my sympathies r with u myth..we shud set up the fund (rem the discussion??)

Mythraeyi said...

Good observation mango!! Henceforth no dark blue sandles for me..n yeah..i wouldn mind a collective 'Myth's Chappal Relief Fund' That would be very kind of all u guys!!