Friday, August 15, 2008

Door Darshan

The spirit of Independence Day is everywhere. Its such a pleasant sight to watch tri colour flags soaring high everywhere. Little kids beaming with pride singing and parading...the feeling is so rejuvenating. I was thinking of what would top my list for arousing the patriotic feeling in me,something that gives me goosebumps, set me on a baffling thought about India..It was the advertisements and documentaries on DD Channels about National Integration. Thanks to the advent of Television and the pre-reform era where Government was higher than Almighty. Visual media played a tremendous role in binding regions and spreading the doctrine of National Integration with powerful personalities. One etching example would be 'Mile Sur mera tumhara'. I personally find this song/video top my 'Patriotic Quotient' List. There were other documentaries and videos as well. All eminent artists feature on a simple National Anthem which was very soul-stirring. They all had a simple concept on National awareness and importance which is still so thought provoking. Amul Surabhi was one of its kind. Even with the maddening pace of new-age channels and stiff-neck competitions among TV Channels, DD still has a special place of its own. The broadcast is totally unchanged despite dynamic technological and media improvisations. It would be wrong to throw away DD behind in the rat-race of contemporary channels. It is a comparison of apples with oranges. I can visualise DD as the old Grand-dad of the house, laid back on an easy chair watching the vivacious, naive men ( Modern Channels) battle it out.

Lets give a hand to the most mature, eye-opening, docile, unassuming Broadcast ever...Door Darshan!!

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